In 2013, three Latino entrepreneurs from three different countries and backgrounds created BAKAI Group LLC. Jorge Dominguez, native of Santo Domingo, S.LP. Mexico is a successful restaurant owner with thirty years of experience in California’s Central Valley. Carlos Velasco from Guayaquil, Ecuador is an insurance and financial service professional with six years of experience in insurance, investments and retirement. Pablo Antinao from Los Angeles, Chile is a wine and food professional with extensive national and international experience in the wine and food industry.

Locally operated by BAKAI Group LLC., BAKAI wine bar and tapas will offer an extraordinary experience; a food concept designed by BAKAI’s wine and food director Pablo Antinao. Our food and wine menu offers a mix of Californian, Latin, and European cuisines. Some of our dishes include: empanadas, duck sandwich with black garlic aioli, lamb tacos prepared in natural purple tortillas, among others. Our venue also offers an extensive wine variety with more than forty wines from different countries and regions around the world. We will also offer ciders and beers. The BAKAI concept was created to provide Monterey with a top-notch venue where people could enjoy food, wine, meetings, and conversation.

BAKAI Wine & Tapas was designed to seduce the senses in every aspect. The interior was designed by architect Cesar Rodriguez and Pablo Antinao. The interior woodwork was inspired by an urban feel and carefully crafted. The lighting features include designers like Robert Sonneman, (New York) and Pablo Pardo, (San Francisco). Robert Hunter, (Monterey) supplied the uniquely crafted bar stools from an artisan in Indonesia who uses reclaimed wood from fallen trees. Our venue features art from Californian artist Guido Stuffer, Cristian Fuica, (Chile), Felipe Castro Rubio, (Chile) and a photography piece by Willie Kwok, (Fresno/Hong Kong). BAKAI’s unique look and atmosphere was created also with the help and collaboration of the following individuals: Joel Alvarado, Noé Delgado, Ricardo Cuevas, Mario Castelan, Fernando Garcia, and Rigoberto Becerra whom through hard work and dedication made it possible for us to present to you our beautiful venue.

Welcome to BAKAI!