A Celebration of Wine Everyday

BAKAI, originally written as “Bacchae” is a tribute to the God Dionysus in ancient Greek mythology and Bacchus in the Roman mythology. Bacchae represents two opposing sides of human nature; the first is the rational and civilized side. Then there is the instinctive and sensual side represented by Dionysus and Bacchus; the God of grape harvest, winemaking, and wine. BAKAI is a parallel universe, a tribute to a sensorial experience like none you’ve had before.

“BAKAI” invites you to immerse your senses in our creative, sensual, and romantic design. Discover our seductive food menu, which is a fusion between California and Latin-European cuisine. Come indulge in our unique wine list, designed to enhance flavors, textures, and aromas. Best of all, prepare for an experience designed to inspire a sensorial journey, connecting you with your own Divinity and power. Welcome to BAKAI.